2009-2012 Computer science, specialization in "cognitive sciences and advanced computer science", EPITA.
2006-2009 Degree in fundamental and applied mathematics, University of Paris XI.
2005 General baccalaureate, mathematics specialization, collège Stanislas, Paris. High honors.


Artificial intelligence Natural language processing, computer vision, neural networks, bayesian networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, machine learning, statistical classification.
Programming languages C, C++, Java, Python, PHP/MySQL, Rebol, Shell script, XHTML, CSS, PostgreSQL.
Platforms GNU/Linux, Windows, Android
Software Microsoft Office, LibreOffice/OpenOffice, Emacs, Eclipse, Visual Studio, LaTeX, The Gimp.

Some projects and achievements a student:

- multi-agent (MAS) robots: modules mapping and exploration, sharing of knowledge. (C++ / graduation project)

- dematerialization of music scores scanned in variable qualities, sometimes handwritten. (C++ / in progress)

- intruder detection in an image after learning of several images of the non-constant background (wind in the trees, ...). (C++)

- massive spellchecking: suggests all the words to a given maximum distance of a received word. Answers to over 3000 requests per second for a distance 1. (C++)

- model checker: from boolean constraints, builds the corresponding reduced tree and gives possible solutions. (C++)

- image registration: iterative movement of a point cloud to adjust to an area of a relief map. (C++)

- infinite precision calculator. (C++)

- lexer and parser of a command line interface (posix shell). (C)

- publication of a topological proof of the Jordan curve theorem (fundamental mathematics).

...and homemade:

- photo editing software highly customizable (C++, Qt4 / in progress)

- virtual keyboard on Android tablet, for people with very limited dexterity. (Java)

- analysis of the mutability of a DNA strand, for a medical researcher. (C)

- backup scripts, able to search for redundancies. (Bash)

Professional experiences

2012 - 6-month internship in Ireland at Deri, an internationally recognized institute in semantic web research.
Main topic: name consolidation; the aim is to gather information from various sources into different profiles, one for each expert, in a context of "expert profiling" and "expert finding". The hard task comes from the different name representations of a same expert. (C++, Python, Java)
2011 - C++/Java teacher: courses taught to third-year students. Redaction of projects and tutorials.
2010 - 5-month internship at Cliris, a startup company specializing in personal tracking by computer vision on video streams.
Topics: detect in real time the carts in a supermarket and improve the tracking of people by adding heuristics on trajectories identified. (C++)
2009 - scientific animator in the international association « Les Petits Débrouillards » (the resourceful kids), a popular education movement. Weekly workshop with a group of elementary school children with learning difficulties.
2007 - support for « Jérôme Lejeune Institute » – responsible for research on rare diseases of the mind – to automate the migration of scattered information in files to a database.
2006 - 1-month internship at Icade EMGP, to assist and replace the CIO, and to document internal accounting software, for users, administrators, and developers.


French: mother tongue.

English: read, written and spoken (TOEIC: 910). Currently for 6 months in Ireland.

Used to read all documents relating to information technology in english. Programs always commented in english.

			 français in english